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Copra M Color Management Package

The CoPrA M Package is the perfect color management solution. This Package is the most popular color management solution we offer; includes both the ColorAnt and CoPrA software.

* Works with any RIP or Workflow capable of utilizing ICC profiles
* Quickly reprofiles your devices
* Automatic correction capability
* Visual representation of color gamuts and equipment capabilities
* Easily imports and exports ICC data

ColorAnt is a software solution for measurement data processing prior to profiling. There are many situations in which color measurement data is not prepared correctly and therefore causes problems when creating ICC profiles. There could be reading errors from the instrument, print errors, or other artifacts, resulting in less than perfect measurement data quality. ColorAnt is designed to optimize the measurement data and intelligently average multiple data sets. Integrate ColorAnt into your workflow and start maximizing the potential of your ICC profiles. ColorAnt can be integrated in any workflow to maximize the potential of all ICC profiles; works with all standard measurement data formats.

CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and is the control center for any ICC profiling task. CoPrA is a standalone application for Macintosh and Windows platforms; combines first-class ICC output profile generation, creation of abstract profiles and ICC DeviceLink technology for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and MultiColor color spaces, as well as for switching between color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks). It also gives users the ability to save color transformations of any kind, (e.g. selective or global corrections), in the form of a DeviceLink profile. The built-in profile management and analysis software manages all ICC profile types on your system, including DeviceLinks, printer and monitor profiles.

Custom Color Charts with Scaling to Fit Your Device

One challenge often incountered during the calibration procss is getting targets to fit on the desired media. With the CoPrA M Package, users can create and measure custom color charts in just a few simple steps, all custom built and sized for your output device. Users can also control whether the patches are generated randomly or sorted.

Outputting targets to fit on different output devices is simple. Simply resize or rescale the chart to fit your device. ColorAnt offers the option of calculating large test charts that can be used for profiling from small test chart measurement files. In some printing processes, such as flexo printing on uneven materials, it can be challenging to achieve artifact-free printing of a large test chart. The procedure of placing several small test charts, such as ColorLogic Reprofiler strips on one page, measuring these, averaging them in ColorAnt and then scaling up to a large test chart with the rescale tool is an effective approach to measuring large size charts.

Automatic Data Correction with Linearization, Gray Balance, and Tone Value Correction

One of the most loved and used functions in ColorAnt is the Automatic button, as it figures out from the loaded data if either an averaging of multiple files is needed (in case multiple files with the same amount of patches have been loaded) or if redundancies, correction and smoothing are necessary. The feature checks for redundancies in the measurement data and corrects for bad measurements. This means correcting measurment data can now be done with just a few simple clicks; leads to optimized measurement data. The software also includes a special feature designed to protect highlight areas for flexogrpahic printing.

ColorAnt handles all aspects of creating and optimizing measurement data including linearization and gray balance. ColorAnt works with all standard measurement data formats. Supported File Types include CGATS text files (txt), CGATS XML Data (xml), Named ICC Profil (icc), Color Exchange Format (CxF), Photoshop Palette (aco), and CSC Data (csc). Correct TVI curves to profile, G7 and ISO 20654 specifications.

Optimization of Measurement Data and Ability to Edit Primary Colors

Edit primary colors, substrate color, and recalculate measurement data with the use of full sized test charts. The quality of your ICC profiles is dependent on the quality of the measurement data; analyzing and optimizing measurement data allows higher profile quality. ColorAnt and CoPrA help optimize your printer profiling tools, regardless of whether or not it is ICC-compliant.

Edit Primaries allows replacement or removal of Multicolor data without remeasuring. Create multicolor profiles up to 10 channels. Two Gamut Extending Colors between two Primaries. The Edit Primaries tool allows the user to add, remove, and exchange primaries or the paper/substrate into an existing measured test chart. In typical print production, adding or swapping inks requires the expense and time of printing a full blown test chart. The Edit Primaries tool will simply require the spectral data of the new inks that will be added or exchanged. Edit Primaries will not only exchange the inks but also recalculate all overprints based on intelligent spectral color models and generates new measurement data. With this extraordinary tool you are immediately able to create all required data for calculating ICC profiles for modified color combinations.

Easy-to-Use Export Capability

Resave charts as needed. Create PDF or TIF output from new or existing charts.

Minimize Scan Times with the Built-In Measurement Tools

Integrated measuring for a wide array of measurement insturments including Barbieri, Konica Minolta, Techkon, and X-rite. Minimize scan times by controlling the scan direction and method of the scan. You can select to scan multiple patches by row or by column, or you can choose to read individual tint patches by row or column.

Advanced Data Analysis with Detailed Reporting

Use ColorAnt’s 2D, 3D, TVI, Spider Web and Curves to fully verify measurement data. Analyze tone value variation curves (TVI), which work in conjunction with the curve view. Export data as Lab, XYZ, Density and CxF/X-4 to formats such as CGATS text files (txt) or Color Exchange Format (CxF).

Use ColorAnt’s advanced analysis to create detailed reports on measurement data. Correct measurment data with a few simple clicks. Special features for flexographic printing included to protect highight areas.

The Curves view allows users to view the linearity curves from white to all 100% of the primary color, including multicolor data. This view allows you to better visualize the data and assists with analyzing non-smoot gradiation curves. Zoom and rotate settings within the 3D view also allow users to see their profile from multiple angles.

Smoothing Tool

The smoothing tool will fix inhomogeneous measurement data and bumpy curves. With the help of a slider, the strength of the smoothing can be determined to fit the entire measurements into the mathematical model, while retaining the general characteristics of the measurement data. When selecting the automatic tool, the maximum setting for smoothing will be used. Flexographic print processes often exhibit a special bump curve in the highlights area; as this is a typical behavior of such printing systems, smoothing should not eliminate these highlights.

To allow for protecting such highlight regions the Protect Lights option has been added to the Smoothing tool. The slider allows you to define from which percentage value on smoothing shall be performed. Values below this slider value are protected.

Quick Reprofiling

As you are aware, your color accuracy changes. Reprofiling allows ColorAnt to keep your output on target today but also well into the future. Our innovative profiling approach saves you from having to print out a large test chart. Our reprofiling approach uses calculations based on a small color wedge. It is now possible to build a Correction DeviceLink profile with special settings that will allow you to take the deviations into account. This is a very helpful feature; helps to minimize color appearance changes in production. To a certain extent, even paper color and ink changes can be compensated for.

DeviceLink Profiles

Printer and DeviceLink Profiles
Profile Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK and Multicolor color spaces. Generate DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces. Update ICC printer and DeviceLink profiles to new printing conditions.

Visual DeviceLink Editing
Edit charts in popular image editing tools and create a DeviceLink profile. DeviceLink Linearization optimizes the tone values of primary gradation ramps for any printer and color combination. The goal of Linearization is for adequate differences from white to 100% of primary inks, smoothing of gradation curves and adjustment of primary colors to a defined, reproducible condition. CoPrA includes the most advanced colorimetric technologies that are not readily available at the RIP level. ColorLogic’s Default calibration method and ISO 20654 (also known as Spot Color Tone Value, SCTV) are supported for Multicolor printing. CoPrA 5’s Linearization also features G7 calibration and the Protect Lights slider for Flexo printing and calibrating on difficult media and printers.

Gray Balance Modifications
A new feature in the Printer and the DeviceLink module allows adjustment of the Gray Balance. Users can choose between a cooler and warmer gray balance. This is a nice feature when visual adjustments based on personal color preferences are desired even though perfect colorimetric profiles exist. The effects of changed slider settings are shown in the program in the adjacent graphic.

Excluding Channels when Separating
This new expert feature allows packaging professionals to define the channels (including Multicolor channels) of a printer or DeviceLink profile to be used when separating data. For example, if a brown chocolate artwork is intended to be printed in CMYK without using any Cyan in the separation, a CMYK printer profile can be created which only uses MYK. These types of profiles avoid unwanted Cyan dots in the separation and the converted artwork would appear visually close to a conversion with a complete CMYK profile. The new feature can be found in the Color Generation tab of the Printer and DeviceLink profiling modules. This function is particularly intelligent for Multicolor profiles as it searches for replacement colors in the Multicolor channels when excluding a channel (e.g. Cyan) which can compensate for the missing channel in the gray balance. The alternatively calculated Multicolor channels are displayed grayed out in the panel Black Point and TAC.

Capable of running on Macintosh or Windows

  • macOS® X, macOS® X Server Version 10.7.5 or higher (Intel only)
  • Windows® 10 (Home, Pro or Enterprise)
  • Windows® 8 (Core, Pro or Enterprise)
  • Windows® 7 (Home Basic or Premium, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise)
  • Windows® XP SP3 (Home or Enterprise)Windows® Server 2016
  • Windows® Server 2012
  • Windows® Server 2012 R2
  • Windows® Server 2008
  • Windows® Server 2008 R2
  • Windows® Server 2003 (Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter)
    Supported File Types

    ColorAnt works with all standard measurement data formats. Supported File Types include CGATS text files (txt), CGATS XML Data (xml), Named ICC Profil (icc), Color Exchange Format (CxF), Photoshop Palette (aco), and CSC Data (csc).

    Built-in Data Export

    Export data as Lab, XYZ, Density and CxF/X-4 to formats such as CGATS text files (txt) or Color Exchange Format (CxF).

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