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Epson T3270, T5270, T7270 Film RIP

The RTI Epson Film RIP-Kit is a Harlequin RIP™ capable of outputting film positives or negatives to the Epson T Series printer models. This includes the Epson T3000, T3200, T3270, T5000, T5200, T5270, T7000, T7200, and T7270.

Enjoy amazing performance and productivity with the RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™. With the Harlequin RIP™ users can control the resolution, line screen, ink channels being used, ink density, and much more. The built-in preview also allow users to view their film separations as individual separations before outputting to film, or view the file in full composite. Our preconfigured software package provides everything you need to produce consistent, reliable film output on an Epson T series printer.

Supported Operating Systems

Users are able to print from both Macintosh and Windows systems to the RIP software. The RIP Software supports running under the following operating systems:
Windows® 8.1 Professional 64-bit
Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit
Windows® Server 2012 64-bit
Windows® Server 2016 64-bit
Windows® Server 2019 64-bit
Minimum Computer Requirements

Take Control of Your Ink
Our built-in inkjet ink channel manager gives users the ability to control what ink channels are utilized on output. Users can output films using an individual ink channel or enable multiple ink channels depending on what is needed.
Learn more about Ink Channel Control

Great Density with Support for Standard Epson Inks or UV Blocking Inks
The RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™ allows you to control how much ink is being placed down on output. Users can achieve densities of 4.0 or higher.
Learn more about Ink Density Control

Exceptional Halftone Screening
Every RTI Harlequin RIP includes Harlequin Precision Screening (HPS). When placing color separations on top of one another the RIP precisely calculates screen angles and frequencies to avoid moiré patterns. HPS also uses an adaptive screening technique that adjusts each halftone dot so that it is placed within one half pixel of its ideal location. The RIP allows users to control and manage resolutions (dots per inch or dpi), line screens/frequency (lines per inch or lpi), screen angles, dot shapes, scaling, crop marks, mirror image, negative/positive, rotation and much more. Our screening technology is also designed to work with a wide range of printing processes including Flexography, Offset Lithography, Screen Printing, Gravure, Engraving and Digital Printing.
Learn more about Harlequin Precision Screening and view sample dot shapes

Stochastic Screening for Inkjets
The Epson Film RIP-Kit™ include Stochastic Screening. With this option users can output using our FM/Stochastic screen sets, and now you can also output using a newly developed Stochastic Yellow feature. This feature allows users to output Cyan, Magenta, and Black along with any spot colors using Harlequin's conventional AM screen sets while applying a stochastic screen to the Yellow.
Learn more about Stochastic Screening for Inkjets

Print Directly to the RIP
Users can quickly create shared printers at the RIP which can then be accessed from other Windows or Macintosh systems on the network. The RIP software also includes the latest RTI Postscript Printer Description (PPD) for loading on to design stations or the RIP. This universal printer description is designed to work with all of our supported output devices.
Learn more about creating shared printers at the RIP

Drag and Drop files into Spoolfolders
Do you have PDF, PS, EPS, XPS, or TIFF files that are ready for processing? The Harlequin RIP™ allows users to drag and drop supported file formats directly into a shared spoolfolder for processing.
Learn more about shared spoolfolders