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FlexoTracker Plate Management and Tracking Software

FlexoTracker helps save you time and money by properly managing your flexo plates. Our inventory management software minimizes the amount of time it takes to prepare a flexographic press run because you have real time access to plate and scrap data. FlexoTracker ultimately helps you maximize your left over flexo plates while minimizing the amount of time it takes to locate the material needed.

  • Ability to view actual plate utilization to make informative decisions on ways to achieve better plate yield. Flexotracker performs this without any or very minimal operator intervention.
  • The built-in scrap feature gives web based visibility to all users within the organization allowing users to see exactly what is available in scrap inventory.
  • Our reporting feature gives users the ability to create a report for billing or report back to MIS system the actual polymer used per job without any use of ruler or tape measure.
  • Exact reporting of plate usage from exposed files.

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