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The Konica Minolta / ECRM Imagesetter RIP-Kit supports the following devices:
ECRM VR 30 / 36 / 36HS / 45 / 45HS (also known as Agfa Elan, Anitec, DuPont XEL, FujiFilm, Konica, Lamp Express, Xitron Ketch)

ECRM VRL 36 / 45
ECRM Mako 36 / 36HS / 46 / 46HS / 56 / 108HT / 3600 / 3650HS / 3675 / 4600 / 4650HS / 4675 / 5625
ECRM Sunfish 30 / 40
ECRM Pelbox 72 / 108 / 108HS / 1030 / 1045 / 1045S / 12xx series / 15xx series / 2030 / 2530 / 3000 / 3030
ECRM Marlin 46 / 63 / 2500 / 2500HS
ECRM Stingray 46 / 46CTS / 52 / 52NP / 63 / 63NP / 5200 / 6300 / 6300HS
Knockout 4550 / PRF / PRT
ECRM Bluefin / ECRM ID36 (Bluefin models are supported only if they use the Pelbox interface - SCSI is not supported with the Bluefin)
Agfa Polaris 100
Autologic III 3850
Bidco 80C
Varityper 5300M
Konica EV-Jetsetter / EVJetsetter
Agfa Elan 500 rebadged ECRM VR30
Anitec LaserRED 310 rebadged ECRM VR30
Anitec LaserRED 360 rebadged ECRM VR36
Anitec LaserRED 360HS rebadged ECRM VR36HS
Anitec LaserRED 460 rebadged ECRM VR45
Anitec LaserRED 460HS rebadged ECRM VR45HS
Anitec LaserRED 4600 rebadged ECRM VR45
DuPont XEL 140 rebadged ECRM VR36
DuPon XEL 180 rebadged ECRM VR45
ECRM Sunfish 30 formerly known as the ECRM VR30
ECRM Sunfish 40 400mm version known as ECRM VR45
ECRM Scriptsetter VRL45
FujiFilm PI1400 rebadged ECRM VR36
FujiFilm PI 1400HS rebadged ECRM VR36HS
FujiFilm PI 1800 rebadged ECRM VR45
FujiFilm PI 1800HS rebadged ECRM VR45HS
Konica EV-Jetsetter 1000 rebadged ECRM VR30
Konica EV-Jetsetter 1100 rebadged ECRM VR30
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2000 rebadged ECRM VR36
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2100 rebadged ECRM VR36
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2000T rebadged ECRM VR36HS
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2100T rebadged ECRM VR36HS
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3000, 3100H, 3100S
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4000 rebadged ECRM VR45
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4100 rebadged ECRM VR45
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4000T rebadged ECRM VR45HS
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4100T rebadged ECRM VR45HS
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4500
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5000S, 5100H, 5100S, 5500
Konica EV Jetsetter 3000, 3100H, 3100S
Konica EV Jetsetter 6100, 6200
Konica EV Jetsetter 7100, 8100, 9100
Lamp Express Imagesetter 360 rebadged ECRM VR36
Lamp Express Imagesetter 450 rebadged ECRM VR45
Monotype ImageMaster 2000 rebadged ECRM VR45
Xitron Ketch 30 rebadged ECRM VR30
ECRM devices using manufacturer's TIFF catcher or ECRM CT Server including:
ECRM Mako 2, Mako 2x, , Mako 4, Mako 4x, Mako 8, Mako 8x, Mako 800
ECRM DPX 2, DPX 4, DPX 4 Eco
ECRM Stingray 63QS
ECRM Mako News, Mako News xtra, Mako NEWSmatic , Mako NEWSmatic HS
ECRM TigerCat 2, TigerCat 4

Harlequin RIP Features

Exceptional Halftone Screening
Every RTI Harlequin RIP includes Harlequin Precision Screening (HPS). When placing color separations on top of one another the RIP precisely calculates screen angles and frequencies to avoid moiré patterns. HPS also uses an adaptive screening technique that adjusts each halftone dot so that it is placed within one half pixel of its ideal location. The RIP allows users to control and manage resolutions (dots per inch or dpi), line screens/frequency (lines per inch or lpi), screen angles, dot shapes, scaling, crop marks, mirror image, negative/positive, rotation and much more. Our screening technology is also designed to work with a wide range of printing processes including Flexography, Offset Lithography, Screen Printing, Gravure, Engraving and Digital Printing.
Learn more about Harlequin Precision Screening and view sample dot shapes.

Print Directly to the RIP
Users can quickly create shared printers at the RIP which can then be accessed from other Windows or Macintosh systems on the network. The RIP software also includes the latest RTI Postscript Printer Description (PPD) for loading on to design stations or the RIP. This universal printer description is designed to work with all of our supported output devices.
Learn more about creating shared printers at the RIP.

Drag and Drop files into Spoolfolders
Do you have PDF, PS, EPS, XPS, or TIFF files that are ready for processing? The RTI Harlequin RIP allows users to drag and drop supported file formats directly into a shared spoolfolder for processing.
Learn more about shared spoolfolders.

Supports Multiple File Formats
Process a variety of file formats directly including PDF, PS, EPS, XPS, TIFF and more. Natively process the latest PDF and PostScript® Level 3 data with full compatibility from the latest design and printing applications.
Learn more about processing files directly.

Variable Data
Need the fastest performance possible for your variable data print jobs? Harlequin VariData greatly accelerates the printing of variable data jobs that were saved either as PDF/VT or as regular PDF. It is one of the unique features of the Harlequin print engine that gives it amazing power and productivity.
Learn more about processing Variable Data.

Spot Color Matching
Easily control and edit color output for exact matching of Pantone Spot Colors.
Learn more about Spot Color Editor.

Pantone Plus Support for Extremely Accurate Color
The Harlequin RIP will ensure optimum use of the output device's color gamut. Pantone Plus support also ensures that emulation of Pantone colors printed using other inks (e.g. CMYK) are as accurate as possible. It is now even easier to achieve consistent, predictable and repeatable color reproduction across any number of devices through tight integration of the RIP with third party closed loop color controls.

Precisely Calibrate Your Output
With the RTI Harlequin RIP you can calibrate your output devices using the built-in calibration manager. The RIP also includes color and monochrome calibration targets to help you perfectly linearize your output devices.
Learn more about the built-in calibration tools.

Highlight Areas Done Right
Users now have the ability to specify a minimum dot which eliminates the harsh edges often seen in highlight areas. This feature will give you great looking highlight areas and allow you to print highlights and perfectly smooth vignettes from 0 through 100%.
Learn how our minimum dot control feature can help improve your output.

Certified PDF Processing
When enabled the control strip feature will verify that proofs and prints made from files transmitted as PDF/X have rendered correctly.
Learn more about the Control Strip and PDF verification.

Built-in Proofing Capability
Output electronic proofs that accurately represent the final print. The PDF Raster Output feature can be configured to output composite halftone, composite contone or separations.
Learn about PDF Proofs.

Advanced Color Management
ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. ColorPro™ provides full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including device link profiles) avoiding dependence on the generic, system level color management of the computer’s operating system.
Learn more about Harlequin ColorPro.

Wide Variety of Options
Increase productivity and enhance quality by customizing your RIP with a variety of options including Trapping, Hybrid Screening and more.
View our Harlequin RIP Options.