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When purchasing a Liberator imagesetter you eliminate the need for hazardous developing and fixing chemicals used in traditional film imagesetting systems. You also save space by eliminating the need for a darkroom which also cuts down on energy costs because the imagesetter does not require a processor.

RTI helps you to deliver those more demanding jobs efficiently while producing full-size film up to 54 inches wide. That is about 4 times bigger than other conventional products currently on the market. Our thermal imagesetter technology offers clear, compact, environmentally friendly solutions to artwork production, enabling you to eliminate outsourcing of large-format films and bring production control in-house. The unique, chemistry-free, dry-imaging ThermoImpression® film requires absolutely no fixers, developers, inks or toners while providing UV densities that exceed industry standards.

The high performance 1200 dpi Liberator XE Wide-Format Thermal Imagesetter enables you to produce superb quality film separations right in your own shop without a darkroom, processor or chemicals. Create great looking film positives or film negatives using one machine. It truely is the ultimate film solution for the screen, gravure (engraving), flexo (flexography), textile, POP, sign, banner, corrugated and offset printing markets.

The Liberator XE Series is built using the latest innovative technologies, including: Closed Loop Registration (CLR) control for accurate registration overlay, Multi-Level Pulsing (MLP) for superior dot quality, and Enhanced Nib Management (ENM) to provide smooth, high-quality images every time. Liberator XE ThermoImpression Systems include a new RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™. This forward thinking, trouble-free fully featured RIP is PostScript compatible and is fully compliant with PostScript Level 3 specifications. Each system includes media saving functions and can be customized with trapping, proofing, and specialized screening to fit your requirements. The bottom line: accurate registration, higher performance, versatility and flexibility.

Sytems available in 18.25", 28.5", 36", 42" and 54” media widths

• 600 or 1200 dpi resolution
• Up to 120 lpi (line screen)
• Produce dark films with density between 4.0 and 5.0 using SPx or XP film
• Outputs film positives and negatives
• Great for flexo, offset and screen printers
• Imaging speeds up to 6 inches per minute
• Closed Loop Registration (CLR) control
• Multi-Level Pulsing (MLP) for superior dot quality

• Enhanced Nib Management (ENM)
• Latest Harlequin RIP™ with media saving
• Chemistry, darkroom and processor-free
• NO inks, toners, cameras or disposal costs
• Automatic media cutter
• In-house production control
• Low maintenance
• Accurate registration and repeatability
(plus or minus 0.01% measured at a length of 60 inches)
• 1 Year Full Parts Coverage with Extended Warranties available

This video shows a TechStyler thermal imagesetter. The Liberator XE models use the same technology with support for 1200 dpi.

All Liberator XE Thermal Imagesetter purchases include the following: Liberator Thermal Imagesetter, RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™, License/Product Key, Install DVD, and Installation Instructions. Film and computer sold separately.

Liberator XE 1812 Thermal Imagesetter for 18.25" wide film with Harlequin RIP-Kit™ ($25,000)

Liberator XE 2812 Thermal Imagesetter for 28.5" wide film with Harlequin RIP-Kit™ ($30,000)

Liberator XE 3612 Thermal Imagesetter for 36" wide film with Harlequin RIP-Kit™ ($37,000)

Liberator XE 4212 Thermal Imagesetter for 42" wide film with Harlequin RIP-Kit™ ($42,000)

Liberator XE 5412 Thermal Imagesetter for 54" wide film with Harlequin RIP-Kit™ ($54,000)

ThermoImpression™ Film is a specially coated polyester which, instead of being light sensitive like other graphic art films, is heat sensitive. When the imagesetter applies heat to the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image. Our thermal film doesn't require messy toners, dyes, inks or transfers. This is the only consumable needed for the Liberator, TechStyler, TechSetter, and EcoPRO product lines.

Thermal Film Features:
• .005” thickness for better handleability
• Lays flat before and after exposure
• Dimensionally stable for accurate registration
• Light safe
• Produce dark films with density between 4.0 and 5.0 using SPx or XP film

Thermal Film SPx 18.25 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film SPx 28.5 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 36 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 42 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 54 inch x 200 feet

Every thermal imagesetter purchase includes the latest version Harlequin RIP™. This RIP software includes over 30 different dot shapes along with Stochstic Screening (FM Screening). Getting jobs into the RIP and output is easy. Printing to the RIP can be done through a shared printer, or users can drag and drop PDF files into shared spoolfolders for processing. The easy-to-use interface and ability to preview will help you produce great looking films, and the RIP's built-in positioning and ganging/nesting features can help optimize film usage.

Exceptional Halftone Screening
Every RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™ includes Harlequin Precision Screening (HPS). When placing color separations on top of one another the RIP precisely calculates screen angles and frequencies to avoid moiré patterns. HPS also uses an adaptive screening technique that adjusts each halftone dot so that it is placed within one half pixel of its ideal location. The RIP allows users to control and manage resolutions (dots per inch or dpi), line screens/frequency (lines per inch or lpi), screen angles, dot shapes, scaling, crop marks, mirror image, negative/positive, rotation and much more. Our screening technology is also designed to work with a wide range of printing processes including Flexography, Offset Lithography, Screen Printing, Gravure, Engraving and Digital Printing.
Learn more about Harlequin Precision Screening and view sample dot shapes

Stochastic Screening
The RIP included with the thermal imagesetters includes Stochastic Screening. With this option users can output using our FM/Stochastic screen sets, and now you can also output using a newly developed Stochastic Yellow feature. This feature allows users to output Cyan, Magenta, and Black along with any spot colors using Harlequin's conventional AM screen sets while applying a stochastic screen to the Yellow.
Learn more about Stochastic Screening

Print Directly to the RIP
Users can quickly create shared printers at the RIP which can then be accessed from other Windows or Macintosh systems on the network. The RIP software also includes the latest RTI Postscript Printer Description (PPD) for loading on to design stations or the RIP. This universal printer description is designed to work with all of our supported output devices.
Learn more about creating shared printers at the RIP

Drag and Drop files into Spoolfolders
Do you have PDF, PS, EPS, XPS, or TIFF files that are ready for processing? The RTI Harlequin RIP allows users to drag and drop supported file formats directly into a shared spoolfolder for processing.
Learn more about shared spoolfolders

Simplified Job Control
The Harlequin RIP™ was designed with the end user in mind. The main RIP monitor window gives users access to pertinent job information while the newly redesigned output controller window allows users to manage jobs and control output.
Learn more about the Harlequin RIP™ User Interface

Preview Before Outputting
Save time, material and consumables with our built-in preview feature. Users have the ability to preview individual separations or preview in full composite color before releasing jobs to their output devices.
Learn more about previewing jobs

Save Media and Ink
This feature can be used to automatically gang or nest smaller jobs together saving you money on consumables.
Learn how Advanced Media Saving can save you money

Position and Placement Tools
Provides an easy method to position jobs on almost any output device.
Learn more about Simple Page Positioning