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OKI RIP-Kit with Harlequin DirectPrint

The RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™ with Harlequin DirectPrint (HDP) is available for the OKI Pro C911, C931, C931DP, C941, C941DP, C942, C942DP, 9431, 9431DN, 9541, 9541DN, 9542, and 9542DN Series.

Enjoy amazing performance and productivity with the RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™ and DirectPrint software. When driving a digital press there are a wide range of variables that need to be adjusted each time a job is printed; HDP allows users to quickly and easily adjust these variables to seemlessly setup, process, and print files through the Harlequin RIP™.

With DirectPrint users can adjust these variables before printing jobs with presets that allow the user to utilize the same settings across repeat jobs or multiple files. With our prebuilt color and paper profiles, the setup couldn't be easier. Our preconfigured software package provides everything you need to produce consistent, predictable output.

PANTONE Spot Color Matching
Easily control and edit color output for exact matching of Pantone Spot Colors.
Learn more about Spot Color Editor

Variable Data
Need the fastest performance possible for your variable data print jobs? Harlequin VariData greatly accelerates the printing of variable data jobs that were saved either as PDF/VT or as regular PDF. It is one of the unique features of the Harlequin print engine that gives it amazing power and productivity.
Learn more about processing Variable Data

Pantone Plus Support for Extremely Accurate Color
The Harlequin RIP™ will ensure optimum use of the output device's color gamut. Pantone Plus support also ensures that emulation of Pantone colors printed using other inks (e.g. CMYK) are as accurate as possible. It is now even easier to achieve consistent, predictable and repeatable color reproduction across any number of devices through tight integration of the RIP with third party closed loop color controls.

Advanced Color Management
ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. ColorPro™ provides full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including device link profiles) avoiding dependence on the generic, system level color management of the computer’s operating system.
Learn more about Harlequin ColorPro

Converts Multiple Color Jobs into one Color for Outputting with the White Toner
Imagine having a tool that can take a file designed to be output using multiple colors and convert it to white for use on the OKI's white toner cartridge. Mako Blanco is capable of accomplishing this and is great for customers looking to quickly convert a file for output on to darker stocks.
Learn more about Mako Blanco

PDF Tools with Booklet Making and N-Up Imposition
Extract, reorder, rotate, and duplicate PDFs quickly. Users can also save and load n-up imposition sets, or take advantage of the easy-to-use booklet making feature.
Learn more about PDF Tools

Preflight Files Quickly and Efficiently
The Harlequin RIP™ includes built-in preflight profiles based on the Enfocus PitStop library. This feature helps ensure the quality and consistency of the final product by streamlining operations and certifying PDF files before they are output.
Learn more about preflighting your files

Certified PDF Processing
When enabled the control strip feature will verify that proofs and prints made from files transmitted as PDF/X have rendered correctly.
Learn more about the Control Strip and PDF verification