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Thank you for your interest in downloading the Harlequin RIP with DirectPrint demo for the OKI Pro Series printers. Below you will find instructions along with links to a fully functional demo. This demo will work with the OKI C911, C931, C931DP, C941, C941DP, C942, 9431, 9431DN, 9541, 9541DN, 9542, and 9542DN.

STEP #1. Download the installer.
Click here to download DirectPrint for the OKI Pro Series

STEP #2. Locate or request an activation key.
If your equipment included a trial activation key please skip to Step #3 listed below. If you do not have an activation key you can email to receive activation information. In the email please let us know you would like to receive an activation code for DirectPrint.

STEP #3. Install and activate DirectPrint.
View Installation and Activation Instructions

STEP #4. Learn how to use DirectPrint.
Watch a quick tutorial and learn how to get the most out of DirectPrint.

Additional Documentation
Using Harlequin Color Editor for Pantone Color Matching

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions, need additional assistance, or would like remote support through TeamViewer please contact us.

Learn more about the benefits of using DirectPrint

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