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FirstPROOF Standard

FirstPROOF Standard is a powerful prepress workflow that allows users to control, track and view their jobs remotely prior to output. When added to any Harlequin RIP the software provides a significant improvement in proofing jobs before output. The high performance viewing capabilities allow users to easily navigate around a job, zooming in and out to check the layout and content. Users of FirstPROOF Standard can quickly check for basic prepress issues before exposing film, burning plates or worse still printing pages, thus saving valuable time and money. Users also have the ability to search for a given job (by name), see a thumbnail of the pages in a job, see the overall ink coverage of each separation, view either a composite of the pages in a job or each separation in a page, delete jobs or separations that are blank or contain errors and output jobs. FirstPROOF Standard contains all the benefits of FirstPROOF Lite plus the following features:

The ability to search and control multiple Harlequin RIPs to find a given job
Displays a thumbnail of each page and reports the Total Area Ink Coverage of each separation
View and control jobs from remote Harlequin RIPs (Mac or Windows) without stopping output and prior to output
High performance viewing and navigation of either composite pages or individual separations
The abiltiy to zoom in and out, rotate and mirror the viewed image to check layout and content without stopping output
The addition of Grid & Guide Lines which allow for object alignment to be easily checked
Trap Black Tool that allows the user to quickly and easily check black traps within a job
Supports all standard Harlequin RIP pagebuffer formats on all Harlequin RIPs from v.3.2 or later
Supports standard LEN and TIFF formats (except for JBIG, 2/4/16 bits and YCbCr/CIE-L*a*b* TIFFs)
The ability to delete separations
Remotely monitor jobs on any Harlequin RIP with status indicators showing when a job is output
View the actual ripped data that will be output as composite pages or individual separations
Simple navigation window that enables users to see the whole page and navigate quickly around the image

Scalable zoom allows users to zoom in and out of jobs without having to stop output

Users can quickly cut the black channel to 50% to easily spot traps

FirstPROOF Professional

FirstPROOF Professional is our most powerful workflow solution. Among the additional features is the ability to rotate separations along with the ability to merge separations (such as merging 'P Blue CV' with 'P Blue CVC'). Users can also RIP Once and Output Many (ROOM) using FirstPROOF Professional. FirstProof Professional contains all the benefits of FirstPROOF Standard plus the following features:

Color Accurate soft-proofing using an innovative, inexpensive, easy to use and fast method
Measurement Tools for checking distances, areas, barcodes, screens & densities
View Black Tool which clearly shows any screen moire (or lack thereof)
Max Ink Limit Tool indicates where a job exceeds a presses ink limit
Duplex View Tool allows for Front to Back registration of pages to be checked
The ability to rotate (by multiples of 90°)
The ability to merge separations (For example: Merging 'P Blue CV' with 'P Blue CVC')
The ability to print a ROOM (RIP Once Output Many) proof of the separations being viewed to a local printer

Measurement Tool allows for checking distances, areas, barcodes, screens & densities

Duplex View Tool allows for Front to Back registration of pages to be checked

FirstPROOF Upgrades

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