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Harlequin ColorPro ICC Profile Processor for the RTI RIP

This option is included with all OKI RIP-Kits

Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. Harlequin ColorPro provides full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including device link profiles) avoiding dependence on the generic, system level color management of the computer’s operating system.

The Harlequin ColorPro option includes the following features:
* N color profile support
* Grey Profile support
* Custom Rendering Intents
* Global Color Correction in LAB space
* Black threshold control added to Rendering intents – fine tune the black requirements for your proofs to simulate UCR/GCR requirements.
* Emulation - Allows for RGB-LAB-CMYK workflows. Based on research and discussions within the ICC body, the future of prepress workflow will move in part to RGB. This feature will allow an RGB workflow to produce a press accurate proof. Mixed colorspace (RGB/CMYK) page layouts can be accurately proofed as well.

In-RIP and In-Workflow Color Management. Decisions about color and output devices can be made late in the production process. With Harlequin ColorPro, a job can be targeted (or re-targeted) to a particular printing process or proofer at the last moment, without requiring any changes in the job itself.

Accurate Color Reproduction on any Device. Reproducing color outside of the color gamut of a particular device is handled by Harlequin ColorPro through the use of "rendering intents", including support for object-based rendering intents.

Customized Color Corrections. Apply global color corrections (e.g., "warmer", "brighter") using the color slider controls when creating custom rendering intents.

ICCv4 Profile Support. Harlequin ColorPro provides full support of the ICC profile format (through version 4.x of the ICC specification), defined by the International Color Consortium, to allow the installation and use of any profile meeting this industry standard.

Unique "Device-Link" Profile Support. Harlequin ColorPro delivers full "device-link" profile support for direct CMYK-to-CMYK color transformations, providing the most accurate color possible while delivering an efficient color production workflow.

The Harlequin ColorPro option allows users the ability to import custom ICC profiles from programs such as ColorBlind, Monaco, X-Rite Profilemaker, Color Solutions, Fuji ColourKit Profile Suite, Heidelberg Prinect Color Toolbox, Kodak ColorFlow.

PDF/X files all include data describing the characterized printing conditions for which the job was prepared. That data is collectively described as the output intent. It includes an identifier that may refer to a characterization held in a registry maintained by the ICC (International Color Consortium). In many cases the output intent will also include an embedded profile to support accurate color proofing, both on screen and on hard copy. The Harlequin ColorPro™ option can be used to perform in-RIP color management with the Harlequin RIP. It can be used for many purposes, including color proofing, or for adjusting plates to enable a press to better match a characterized printing condition such as SWOP.

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