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Lightning TIFF Plugin (requires full resolution Harlequin RIP)

Lightning TIFF Plugin Features & Benefits

Lightning TIFF is a high performance TIFF output plugin. It is designed to work with any full resolution Harlequin RIP™ dongle v.5 or later. As well as providing a significant number of additional features, the software's main benefit is its lightning fast performance. Most users will see up to a 4x overall improvement in performance and throughput when it is used. The speed depends on output mode, compression mode, resolution, screening, job content and platform.

Improved Output & Processing Speeds
The high performance that Lightning TIFF plugin achieves is obtained through its unique method of implementing CCITT compression along with a significant number of code optimization techniques that have been applied to all compression modes.

The results of these optimization techniques are the creation of TIFF files at previously unheard of speeds, allowing for both greatly increased throughput and faster last minute production of time critical plates.

Conventional & Extended Template Based Naming
In addition to the options provided by the standard Harlequin TIFF plugin, Lightning TIFF provides additional options for conventional based naming (the ability to place all output from a given job into its own folder and the ability to use the file name instead of the job name) and an extended set of template variables for template based naming.

Taking advantage of the latest multi-core CPUs, Lightning TIFF is multi-threaded so as to provide maximum performance on today’s hardware. This offers the highest performance possible for last minute production of time critical jobs.

Additional Data Formats
As well as the formats supported by the standard Harlequin TIFF plugin, Lightning TIFF also supports tiled, single-file CMYK + Spot color and single-file frameinterleaved TIFF.

• Striped TIFF (both single and multiple)
• Tiled TIFF
• Bilevel Images (monochrome)
• Grayscale Images
• RGB Full Color Images
• CMYK Images
• CMYK + Spot Color Images
• 1 bit per pixel
• 8 bits per pixel
• Separated (single file per separation)
• Composite - pixel interleaved
• Composite - band interleaved
• Composite - frame interleaved

Advanced File and Job Scripting
In addition to per file (separation) post-processing, Lightning TIFF also provides per (end of) job post-processing. This combined with the ability to place all output from a job into its own unique folder allows for sophisticated customization by writing post-process scripts to perform additional tasks.

High Performance Compression Formats
At the heart of Lightning TIFF are a wide range of unique and highly optimized high performance algorithms for implementing the standard compression methods required by all high-end workflows. These along with the multi-threading capabilities make Lightning TIFF the output plugin of choice for the most demanding users and applications. Smaller file sizes on output mean faster transfer times between locations.

Additional Compression Formats
As well as the formats supported by the standard Harlequin TIFF plugin, Lightning TIFF supports both CCITT Bilevel Fax Group 3 1D and 2D.

• Packbits
• Modified Huffman
• CCITT Bilevel Fax Group 3 1D
• CCITT Bilevel Fax Group 3 2D
• CCITT Bilevel Fax Group 4
• None

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