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RTI includes 90 days of free calibration services with every new software purchase. You can simply mail your color calibration targets to us and we will take readings at our office. Once the calibration is complete we can email the calibration file or remotely connect to your computer and install the calibration data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules when entering data into the calibration manager?
* No two numbers can be the same (Correct: 0,2,4,7,9 / Incorrect: 0,2,2,7,9).
* The numbers must all either be increasing or decreasing in value (Correct: 0,2,4,7,9 / Incorrect: 0,2,4,3,9).
* The numbers must be between 0 and 100. 0 is also always 0 and 100 is always 100.

What is the difference between 'Edit from Uncalibrated' and 'Edit from Calibrated' buttons within the Calibration Manager? The 'Edit from Uncalibrated' button is used to view your current calibration values. The 'Edit from Calibrated' button is used when you take screen readings from a calibrated target. This would be used if you printed a calibrated target and the screen values were still slightly off. By editing the calibrated target you can enter another layer of calibration on top of your existing calibration.

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