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Built-in Calibration Manager

Calibration is an important part of printing and the Harlequin RIP gives you the tools you need to calibrate each of your output devices. We will even assist you through the calibration process.

The Harlequin RIP can apply one or more calibration sets to a job. If you are printing to a direct output device, the Page Setup can include a calibration for the output device and a tone curve calibration. If you are preparing a job for a printing press, the Page Setup can include an imagesetter calibration, a tone curve calibration, and calibrations for the intended and actual presses. The built-in Harlequin Calibration Manager allows users to adjust all of the CMYK channels along with spot color channels for each output device.

Every new RTI Harlequin RIP also includes a utility called Genlin. Genlin can be used as an alternative to manually reading calibration data generated by the RIP. While you can use your own calibration software or manually read your targets using a spectrophotometer or densitometer, Genlin provides a quick way to read your calibration targets and supports the following instruments directly:

• X-Rite 408
• X-Rite DTP41 series
• X-Rite DTP32
• X-Rite DTP34
• X-Rite DTP12
• X-Rite 938
• Gretag Macbeth Eye-One
• X-Rite i1 Pro 2

The software includes calibration targets for outputting uncalibrated and calibrated targets to each of your output devices. The software also includes press targets for calibrating your presses.

RTI includes calibration with every new software purchase if done within the 90 day technical support period. RTI can calibrate proofers, platesetters, imagesetters and printing presses. Learn more about the calibration process

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