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Ink Density Control

Our Epson Film RIP-Kit allows users to control ink density along with enabling or disabling what channnels are being used on output. This means you control the output and determine what settings work best for your film and ink combination. Users also have access to settings that control vacuum settings, line screen, dot shape, angles and more.

Users can create multiple settings depending on the type of films or inks being used in their Epson. With proper film and ink, users can expect to get film with a density of 4.0 or higher. Our software allows you to print the finest details while eliminating the puddling that can occur when running higher resolutions with multiple channels enabled.

When bundled with an Epson T series printer, our software can hold down to a 4 point text in both positive and negative formats. Not only will you see an improvement in the quality of your work, your dry times should decrease as well because you can control exactly how much ink is being placed on the film.

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