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You may be asking yourself, why is PDF 2.0 so important and how will it affect your output? Upgrading your RIP and continuing to consume PDF 1.7 files is safe; not upgrading and trying to consume PDF 2.0 files is not. We strongly recommend that print service providers start planning upgrades to support PDF 2.0 for all applications consuming PDF, starting with the end of the workflow, with their Digital Front Ends and working upstream. Upgrading to support PDF 2.0 ensures that you can confidently accept files without worrying about whether or not the jobs will print correctly.

PDF 2.0 brings with it a variety of benefits including AES-256 encryption, output intents updates, PDF transparency updates, graphic tagging for black point compensation (BCP), and the ability to specify the origin of a halftone. The RIP is also compatible with processing and validation of PDF/VT-1 and PDF/VT-2 files; remains backward compatible with older PDF versions.

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