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On absorbent substrates, drops tend to coalesce along the substrate surface, causing visible streaking. This is especially evident in the mid and three-quarter tone areas. The Pearl Advanced Inkjet Screen is an advanced dispersed (frequency modulated) screen, optimized for natural images and targeted specifically at chaining and streaking artifacts.

On non-absorbent substrates, prints are often characterized by a mottle effect that looks like orange peel. The problem appears to be triggered by ink shrinkage during the curing process; is especially noticeable in areas with reasonably high total area coverage. The Mirror Advanced Inkjet Screen is designed with a microstructure targeted at countering the mottling or “orange peel” effect that can be seen when solid colors are used on nonabsorbent substrates such as tin cans, plastics, or other flexible packaging. It is also useful when dense inks such as metallics are used, or where the print should not interfere with the smoothness of the reflection from a shiny substrate.

Examples of streaking, mottling, and quantizing

Pearl and Mirror Screening Technologies can help eliminate the issues shown above.

The images shown above have been exaggerated to make issues easily visible through multiple viewing formats.
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