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Electronic PDF Proofing

While all new RIPs include the ability to process PDF files, the PDF Raster Output feature allows you to output a composite PDF file (CMYK Halftone or CMYK contone data) directly from the RIP. If you are using a spoolfolder workflow you can also automate the RIP and have the software generate a PDF Raster file at the same time your final output is being created.

The PDF raster files are compatible with various PDF/X standards depending on the selection made in the PDF raster configuration window. PDF raster files can be opened in PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The PDF raster output plugin supports up to 32 spot colors meaning that an output PDF raster file can contain up to 36 colorants (CMYK plus 32 spots). When a PDF raster containing spot colors is created by the RIP and then displayed in a PDF application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, a tint transform is used to tell those applications how to display the colors. If, however, the PDF is passed onto a multichannel device such as the Harlequin RIP™, which can support those colorants, they will be supported. While the plugin will create PDFs with up to 32 colorants, the PDF specification defines the limit as 8 colorants, and so the plugin processes the job but issues a warning when more than 8 are requested.

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