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Ink Channel Control Guarantees Proper Density without Puddling Inks

When outputting to film, the RTI Harlequin RIP-Kit™ allows you to control each individual ink channel on your Epson printer. This control gives you the ability to turn on only the channels you need. For example, if you only want to output films using only the Matte Black and Photo Black channels, you simply configure your page setup at the RIP to use those two channels. When you print or send files to that particular page setup you will only have Matte Black and Photo Black on output, and you will not get Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow because those channels were disabled at the RIP.

Our latest ink and density controls give users full control on exactly what inks and how much ink are placed on their film. While this is important, proper calibration is also key in controlling ink. Because there are a variety of film and ink combinations on the market it is important that users have the ability to adjust these settings within their software.

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