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RTI Harlequin RIP Options
Are you looking for a RIP and workflow that can grow with your business, or perhaps you are simply looking to increase efficiency and lower costs by reducing the need for multiple applications. Our software allows you to build a workflow that meets your specific needs.

Automated Trapping Option
TrapPro is an automatic, object-based in-RIP trapping solution available as an option for the RTI Harlequin RIP or Prepress Workflow. TrapPro is integrated into the RIP for enhanced workflow efficiency and maximum job throughput.
Learn more about TrapPro in-RIP Trapping.

Dispersed/Stochastic/FM Screening
With this option users can output using our FM/Stochastic screen sets, and now you can also output using a newly developed Stochastic Yellow feature. This feature allows users to output Cyan, Magenta, and Black along with any spot colors using Harlequin's conventional AM screen sets while applying a stochastic screen to the Yellow.
Learn more about HDS and HDS Lite Stochastic Screening.

HXM Hybrid Screening
Hybrid Screening is a combination of AM and FM screening. Hybrid screening is designed to improve print quality by increasing the output LPI for any given resolution. For example, if a printer is currently imaging plates at 2400 DPI with output at 150 LPI and is able to hold a 1% dot when printing on the required substrate, using HXM screens it would be possible to print at 200-250 LPI without any special pre-press or on-press requirements.
Learn more about Hybrid Screening.

Acrobat Based Imposition
(from $1,720)
inpO2+ and inpO2 Pro+ are powerful PDF imposition applications that run within Acrobat DC. inpO2+ provides all the functions and features for contemporary printers deploying end-to-end PDF workflows.
Learn more about inpO2+ Imposition.

Easily Remove Die Lines
Many packaging and label jobs include die lines and other technical separations which often need to be printed for proofing, or for aligning prints and pre-cut media or post-print die cutting. Those separations need to be removed from the raster data for production printing. Harlequin Contour Processor™ intercepts specified spot separations.
Learn more about Harlequin Contour Processor.

Remote Access for your RIP
(from $950)
FirstPROOF is a powerful prepress workflow that allows users to control, track and view their jobs remotely prior to output.
Learn more about FirstPROOF Workflow Tools.

ICC Color Management. This option is included with certain RIP-Kits.
Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. Harlequin ColorPro provides full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including device link profiles) avoiding dependence on the generic, system level color management of the computer’s operating system.
Learn more about Harlequin ColorPro.

Optimized TIFF Output
Lightning TIFF is a high performance TIFF output plugin. The plugin's main benefit is its lightning fast performance.
Learn more about the Lightning TIFF Plugin.

Epson Film Plugins for Screen Printing
Why add another RIP for your Epson when you can use an Epson Film Plugin from RTI and output to your Epson from the same RIP that produces all of your other output.
Epson Film Plugins

Maximum Throughput with Parallel Pages
The Parallel Pages option decouples interpretation from compositing and rendering, allowing one thread to interpret page two of a job while the other threads are still compositing, rendering and outputting page one. This ensures the highest possible throughput.
Learn more about Harlequin Parallel Pages.

Multi-threading Support
Multi-threading allows the RIP to take advantage of hyperthreading and multi-core CPU architectures as well as multiple processors. If you would like to use more than one thread you can purchase one of the Max Thread Options.
Learn more about Harlequin Max Threads.

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