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Thermal Film is great because there are no harmful chemicals, no processing, no ink cartridges, and no toners.

Our thermal film is a specially coated polyester film that works great for Screen, Flexo (Flexography), Etching and Gravure printers. The film is not light sensitive like other graphic art film. When the imagesetter applies heat to the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image. The film doesn't require messy toners, dyes, inks or transfers.

• .005” thickness for better handleability
• Lays flat before and after exposure
• Dimensionally stable for accurate registration
• Light safe
• Produce dark films with density above 4.0 using TS film

This is an economical solution for screen, flexo and gravure shops that want to eliminate inkjet inks, toners or chemistry. If you have questions about the different types of films listed below please contact us.

Thermal Film SPx 18.25 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film SPx 28.5 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 36 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 42 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film XP 54 inch x 200 feet

Thermal Film TS 14.25 inch x 200 feet

TechSetter2 Thermal Film TS 14.25 inch x 200 feet

We also sell film that will work with the Autotype Thermal RTF Film Imagesetters Aspect 600 and 1200 systems as well as TechStyler, Liberator GMAX, Liberator GS, TechSetter, TechSetter2, EcoPro and Liberator XE models. Call today to find out how you can eliminate using inkjet inks, toners and chemistry. Produce UV Screen Printing Films without using any harsh chemicals or inks. LIBERATOR G-MAX, and GS ThermoImpression Film: 5003426002, 5003366002, 5003286002, 5003246002, 5003186002. LIBERATOR XE & G-MAX ThermoImpression Film: 300V1016105, 300V1016104, 300V1016103, 300V1016102, 300V1016106, 300V1016101. TECHStyler and TECHSETTER ThermoImpression Film: 5003146002, 300V1016100. EcoPRO & CALCOMP EcoGRAFIX Thermal Film: 5003120002, 5003360002.

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